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Katie is worth multiple times her weight in gold!

My son did not have an offer to play college golf at the beginning of his senior year in high school. He has just started his freshman year at college and is playing D1 golf.

Katie’s impressive resume speaks for itself, but what it doesn’t account for is her personal skills and finesse that enable her to tailor her program and process to achieve the ultimate outcome for your child/high school golfer.

Having coached college golfers, and having played college golf, Katie knows how to motivate all types of personalities. In addition, she knows how to direct your son/daughter to communicate with coaches in an efficient and effective manner. She is able to establish a realistic list of possibilities and how to strategically communicate with college coaches in order to obtain the highest possibility of gaining an offer.

Katie is well respected by her colleagues and her clients. She is strategic and transparent with both with the goal of finding the best fit which is ultimately a win for everyone.

I’ve spoken with many parents who believe that this “getting an offer to play college golf” process would happen naturally based on their son/daughter’s performance and scores. Or they have inserted themselves in the process, but unless they themselves coached college golf, they don’t have the expertise to identify all the opportunities that would be a good fit for their golfer, and/or budget for college.

For some of my son’s friends who had great skills, they didn’t achieve their dream of playing college golf. We were fortunate to meet Katie, and I highly recommend engaging her to help with the process of finding the best opportunity for your potential college golfer, even if they have been contacted by some coaches. It’s unfortunate that some and many of the expressed opportunities can disappear.

I’ve told the parents of the golfers who my son has become acquainted with over these last 6 years of junior golf that Katie will turn over every rock out there and will examine the potential for your child, so without hesitation, I strongly recommend engaging Katie in this process.
— Lisa J., Mother of Student from Texas

We first met Katie Miles in Ireland at the Kerry Cup. At the time, our son Matt, a rising junior, had already begun the arduous college golf process, and we had been working with another individual we knew locally that helped run some New England junior events and worked the college golf circuit. Fast forward six months later, and we bump into Katie again. This time at the Doral Publix Jr. Golf Tournament in Miami. After spending several hours walking the course with Katie, I called my wife and said we needed to make a change. Katie’s knowledge of the process, the lay of the land, her understanding of the player’s mindset given her history and success as an amateur golfer, not to mention her connections, just added up to the right formula.

Of course, once we made the switch and knowing our son’s recruiting window was narrowing, we couldn’t have been more thrilled with the results. First; she spent the necessary time upfront getting to know our son as a person, not just an aspiring Division I golfer. Understanding what made him tick and understanding his goals and objectives was very thorough and very genuine. Overall, Katie’s preparedness, organizational skills, communication and just calming approach during an extremely stressful time for both parent and player helped tremendously.

Once we had honed in on several schools and the back and forth with coaches was happening in real time, Katie was always there if we had a question about what to say, when to say it, and how should we strategically approach this situation or this coach. The guidance and advice was invaluable and always spot-on.

We can’t thank Katie Miles enough and any junior golfer would be very lucky to have a mentor like Katie.

And yes, mission accomplished for our son... William & Mary 2024!
— Larry and Jody E., Parents of Student from Massachusetts

It has been a positive experience working with Katie and Golf Globally. You are professional workers who believe in and love their job more than anything else. As a mother, I was very pleased in seeing the way you took care of my daughter, and treated her as if it was of you own, helping her to achieve her dream in coming to US to study.
— Antonella C., Mother of Student from Italy

It was such a pleasure getting to know you and seeing how you and Golf Globally are able to appropriately and professionally assist high school students navigate the complex process of college golf recruiting. Your clear, no nonsense approach, and your ability and willingness to assist with introductions to colleges golf coaches was invaluable. Your knowledge of the various college golf programs and those which might be a good fit played a pivotal role in assisting my daughter’s recruitment to a top university. Thanks very much for everything. We look forward to staying in touch.
— David S., Father of Student from New York

I owe everything to Katie. She has been my savior! Thanks to her help, I was able to obtain a full scholarship at a university in New York, and I really still can’t believe it. I remember the first time we talked on the phone and how I immediately liked her. She took the time to know me and to figure out what were the best universities that could have done for me. She has always been present, helping me through all the recruiting procedures and in organizing my life. Working with her, knowing that she was by my side, also helped me focus more on my golf life, in order to reach the level which could’ve allowed me to become an interesting recruit. Katie is a wonderful, humorous and amusing person, in addition to being brilliant and outstanding. With her, I had a great time and I couldn’t be more thankful to my parents for having me allowed to work with such a professional, who helped me realize my dream!
— Cloe C., Student from Italy

We were struck once again by your joie de vivre... everything about you is lovely, gracious, and caring. In every way, you give of yourself in friendship with genuine interest, selfless spirit and JOY. From your absolute faith and unyielding encouragement, you continue to inspire not only the girls, but also our families to pursue our highest callings.
— Dr. William and Tweed B., Parents of Former Player

Working with you on and off the golf course for over four years has been the greatest blessing. Your commitment to every individual is a testament to the investment you put in each and everyone, and as a result, you become our biggest cheerleader in life. You bring passion and energy with everything you do, and inspire those around you to strive for success. The genuine motivation you have to help people achieve the next level is why you have many lifelong friendships, and I’m forever grateful I was part of it.
— Patricia L., Former College Player

What you did to build the women’s golf team was truly admirable. Your vision and hard work really made a difference. I especially admired your ability to understand and communicate with each team member in a way that was unique to each one of them.
— Drs. G., Parents of Former Player

I have known Katie for the past several years and know her leadership, guidance and personal skills will add great value to her new company, Golf Globally. As an attorney for similar type companies and a mother of one of Katie’s former golf team players, I can unequivocally state that Katie will be an invaluable asset to any student-athlete’s
recruiting process.
— Pam K., Parent of Former Player

Your passion and exuberance is infectious. Your desire to educate others with the knowledge you have gained as a college coach and collegiate player are both admirable and honorable. It was a privilege to be coached by someone with such a deep understanding of what it means to truly master this game — you taught me and my fellow teammates that golf is not just a mere sport, but rather an instrument by which we can learn valuable lessons and values to carry with us throughout our lives. You are a fierce advocate of this sport, and I can think of no one better served to help others achieve their own success.
— Mackenzie B., Former College Player